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Communication Protection

Web-Com Protection

Web-com protection is a service that protects all communication between the client's website and remote sites, software and third-party applications. It ensures that communication cannot be intercepted. Not having this on your website will leave your website open to malicious attacks. Take action today and get it installed.
Website Monitoring

Website Monitoring

Having a secure website is great, yet it is even better to have your finger on the pulse and monitor your website. With our proprietary software, you can get an email every time someone attempts to gain access to your website. So when anyone attempts to gain access to your website admin panel you'll get notified instantly.
Site Backup 360

Total Site Backup

Although your website can be 100% secure, the server (hosting account) on which your website is stored, might get compromised, because of hardware failure of other reasons, especially when you are using a shared hosting account. To make sure you are covered, we backup your entire website on the cloud so that you'll never lose your website.


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SecureWeb, is a JV company formed by two companies (Upload Net and Digital Reino) which have more than 10 years experience within the web development industry. It was formed with the aim of helping most South African business owners that own unsecured websites which are vulnerable to malicious attacks and system failures.

Vision: To be the leading web-security company in South Africa.
Mission: To provide the best website security services to our clients at affordable prices.
Values: Passion, Honesty and Intergrity are the core values of SecureWeb.

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